Erasers are easy to lose. As kids how often did you ask parents for erasers? When it comes to choosing products especially for kids, it’s parents duty to ensure that their children get  safe and quality products. While buying erasers, there are also certain selecting criteria that parents need to pay more attention to. Let’s see some useful information researched by FLOMO.


The most common types of erasers

In the early days, people actually used breadcrumbs as erasers. Around the 18th century, a British chemist discovered a kind of substance that could wipe away pencil marks, which was later known as “rubber.” It was not until the mid-19th century that eraser products began to be manufactured. Nowadays, there are 3 types of eraser commonly seen.

1. Natural erasers

Most natural rubbers are light brown because of the raw materials with almost no additives added. They tend to be slightly harder with greater erasing performance. However, they have more crumbs, and need to be preserved otherwise they will easily deteriorate. 

2. General erasers (Plastic)

The most commonly seen erasers are made of PVC with plasticizers and other ingredients, it can also be called “plastic eraser.” Varying from different brands, an eraser can be produced to emphasize softness, erasing performance or crumb-collecting ability. This type of eraser is relatively easy to preserve, but the ingredients are actually harmful to the human body and the environment.

3. Kneaded Eraser

Kneaded erasers are specially made for drawing needs. It is composed of synthetic rubber, oil glue, and calcium carbonate. They are super soft and elastic, and can be pinched to a suitable size based on different purposes. This type of eraser can help painters and artists work more easily to achieve light and dark presentation in drawings. 


What’s the difference between erasers and plastic erasers?

The main difference between erasers and plastic erasers lies in the ingredients. Those made of rubber are called erasers and those made of PVC and other plastic materials are called “plastic erasers”. About 90% of the erasers on the market are plastic erasers, but they are not entirely bad. The key lies in whether the ingredients are toxic or not. 

Apart from the differences in ingredients, erasers also differ in softness, erasing performance or crumb-collecting ability. Plastic erasers are relatively easy to break, and their cleaning performance is no better than erasers. They also have more crumbs but most importantly, they tend to be cheaper.

How to choose erasers for elementary school students?

There are so many choices of pencil erasers on the market, and it’s really hard to know which one is good and which one is not. Apart from fulfilling  children’s needs, parents also need to pay attention to the safety of children by checking the ingredients! Is it impossible for parents to say no to toxic plastic erasers? In fact, many stationery manufacturers are fully aware of how PVC harms people and they began to use non-toxic ingredients to replace PVC and plasticizers! However, how can consumers be sure of this? In addition to checking the product packaging, it is highly suggested to look for more details online before making a purchase.

FLOMO, a Taiwanese stationery brand, has replaced PVC with recyclable and eco-friendly "thermoplastic elastomer". No plasticizer is added during the manufacturing process, creating eco-friendly, non-toxic and harmless  products for children and the environment. The FLOMO non-toxic eraser is an eraser that anyone can buy with confidence.

Which erasers to avoid?

1. Erasers with a lot of dust, crumbs and poor crumb-collecting ability
It’s best to look for an eraser with less crumbs for young children or elementary school children to avoid dust and dirt with repeated rubbing, causing an accidental ingestion.

2. Erasers containing PVC or heavy metals
It’s known that some brands of erasers contain PVC or heavy metals. It’s best for parents to confirm the ingredients and choose non-toxic erasers, which is safer for children.

3. Styling erasers with unknown origins
Most erasers with colorful and cute shapes are usually not very effective. Moreover, their manufacturers don’t often get legal certification.  It is recommended to buy trustworthy stationery brands.

4. Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic ingredients

It’s safe for both adults and children to choose erasers that do not contain PVC and plasticizers.

5. Erasers that are too soft or too hard
Sometimes children may use their full strength to erase which may  break the eraser. It is recommended to buy erasers with moderate softness.

Why should we choose PVC-free erasers?

Some parents may think that it’s just a small eraser. Wouldn’t it be good and safe to have one that meets national standards? In fact, although the Taiwanese government currently has a set of regulations and inspection measures for eraser products, the inspection content is only a set of specifications yet toxic ingredients can’t be completely eliminated. If parents want to buy a qualified (plastic) eraser, they must  pay attention to whether the packaging contains the following qualifications:

1. Affixed with a "Product Safety Label"
2. Acquire complete Chinese labeling
3. Indicates PVC-free or plasticizers free

Parents who have a deep understanding of erasers think that being qualified does not mean that they are completely non-toxic, thus they hesitate to provide the erasers to their children. It is quite difficult to confirm the ingredients. In fact, apart from contacting the brand company, parents can directly purchase the eco-friendly, non-toxic eraser produced by Taiwan’s No.1 eraser brand, FLOMO.

Where to buy Non-toxic eraser from?We all recommend FLOMO!

If you want to find an eco-friendly, non-toxic eraser, you can not miss the Taiwanese brand FLOMO! In 2001, the founder of FLOMO discovered how PVC harmed human bodies and the environment , after long research he successfully replaced PVC with recyclable "thermoplastic elastomer" without adding any plasticizer. Since its debut, FLOMO eco-friendly, non-toxic eraser has become one of our FLOMO's most well-known and best-selling stationery products, and has also become the most recommended brand to many people.

Why is FLOMO so popular?

You might wonder why FLOMO erasers are highly reviewed by people? What is the specialty? Here’s the top 7 reasons why people love FLOMO.

1. Reasonable price

A FLOMO non-toxic eraser is less than USD3! Even if you keep losing it, you won't regret it.

2. Not easy to break

The eraser has enough elasticity and is not easy to break even if you rub it hard frequently

3. Best cleaning performance

It gives 96% neatness. Highly effective.

4. Eco friendly and non-toxic

PVC or plasticizer free! Both adults and children can be rest assured about its safety.

5. Easy to collect

Eraser crumbs are easily collected and does not scatter everywhere

6. Bulk order discounts

It’s cheaper to buy in bulk together with your friends, family & business partners.

7. Styles vary

FLOMO gives you various choices from standard eraser types to novelty eraser.

What types of erasers does FLOMO provide?

1. Standard 

The standard white type has the best cleaning performance up to 96%, perfect for school and office. 

2. Bamboo Charcoal

These types of erasers are added with natural bamboo charcoal powder. In comparison to white standard erasers, charcoal erasers are softer. 

3. Multi-use

No matter for what purpose, FLOMO provides erasers suitable for examinees with 2B pencils, artists with 6B pencils, and multi-use cleaners which fulfill your daily needs.

4. Novelty

Makes learning more FUN, Creative and educational for kids by puzzle erasers, tic-tac-toe erasers, car erasers.

 5. Retractable Translucent 

Level up your stationery collection with high end items. Retractable eraser can hold two different types of erasers including standard type and multi-use cleaner type.

The origin of FLOMO Brand

FLOMO Group had expanded its business globally since the 1980s, but we soon noticed the stationery inspection procedures in advanced western countries were relatively stricter than those in Taiwan. Back then, Taiwan didn’t set up any relevant standard inspection procedures. This gave us the chance to consider what we can do to ensure the stationery quality for children in Taiwan.

After realizing the drawbacks of using PVC, Mr. FLOMO Shen, the founder, began R&D on eco-friendly and non-toxic erasers in 2001. After many years of endeavor, we discovered that PVC can be replaced with a recyclable and biodegradable ingredient-TPE. Therefore, a PVC-free, non-toxic eraser, which is safe for children and the environment was unveiled.

FLOMO Eco erasers are non-toxic, 100% PVC-free, eco-friendly, smudge free, light touch, dust free and acquire the best erasing performance up to 96%. It is 100% made in Taiwan and is qualified for TW, EU, US, JP standards.

Purchasing eco-friendly, non-toxic, and PVC-free erasers can not only protect your kids but also the environment. We can all make a small impact by choosing the right green products and maintain global sustainability.

How can I buy FLOMO eco erasers? Do you have free samples?

If you would like to try out FLOMO non-toxic eco erasers, please fill out the inquiry form and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. If you have something already in mind, you can send us a quick quote request, or you can reach out to us via for more information.